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Ogres estrāde

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Ogres estrāde
Ogres estrāde


  • Novads: Ogres (bij.Ogres rajons)
  • Adrese: J. Čakstes prospekts 2 ,Ogre
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  • Tel.: +371 65044759
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04.12.2015 22:04:53
I was raised to be ultra-uber mdsoet (didn't stick for the vast majority of things my poor mother) and body self-conscious so I did nurse exclusively but also used a blanket. None of my children objected possibly they were greedy little piggies? The worst place for breast feeding was Germany not sure why. They do nudity all over the paddock but I never once saw anyone breastfeeding so I remember an extremely uncomfortable session in a loo stall at some castle somewhere. I was far more comfortable with the blanket so I would never judge anyone for wanting to cover up or go somewhere private we all deal with so many complicated issues on this stuff I figure everyone should do what works best for them. I'm not entirely sure where I land on the breast-feeding in a school thing probably because I don't quite know why it's an issue since it wouldn't bother me at all. Still, if someone is very, very uncomfortable with it well I suppose I think they have a right to feel that way as well. Difficult isn't it? Either person acting on their beliefs and ideals means another person has to accommodate them and possibly violate their own beliefs. Sigh. That wasn't helpful was it! http://iohultg.com [url=http://jvpsqjop.com]jvpsqjop[/url] [link=http://dadsnlfps.com]dadsnlfps[/link]
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